Whimsigiggles Photography

Affordable family photography in Silver Spring, MD

Affordable family photographer in Silver Spring, MD.  Specializing in newborns, pregnancy, and family photography.

  •  The best time to photograph a new baby is between 8 and 12 days old. 

  • The best time of day to photograph a newborn is early to mid morning.  Usually.

  • The air around the baby will be heated to approximately 80 degrees—dress for it!

Newborn sessions are offered at the location of your choosing.  Most sessions are done in your home, but can also be done in our location, even outdoors. 

You are welcome to bring any specialty items or props to the session.  We have blankets, wraps, hats, etc. of our own that are washed between each session, but we welcome your input and will include your ideas in your baby’s photoshoot to make your photos more meaningful to you.  

Session Day Packing List

  • Diapers

  • Wipes
  • Pacifier

  • Blanket

  • Extra bottles

  • Burp Cloth


Session Day Feeding

On session day it is important that the little one eats upon arrival to the studio (or upon our arrival to your chosen location).  Babies tend to be more hungry in new environments, and feeding as the session begins ensures for a nice, sleepy baby.  If the baby must eat prior to the session, perhaps a half feeding prior to the start will satiate her, and then finish the feeding on location.  For bottle fed babies, plan to bring an extra bottle, as babies get very hungry during their newborn sessions.